Sensex & Nifty down, Nifty top gainers and losers, 7 Jan Indian stock market tips

11:45 AM Indian stock market falls in afternoon. Market start opened marginally up but rupee opened down against US dollars, If Equity market after changed slipped at 102 Points in morning session.

11:50 AM

The 30 share Sensex is 90.86 points or 0.44% at 20696.44, it was touch a high levels of 20890.48 and touch a low of 20637.18.

The 50 share Nifty index is down 28.45 points or 0.46% at 6163, it was touch a high of 6221.50 and touch a low of 6144.75.

Nifty top gainer today:- BHEL, Maruti, Sun Pharma, LT, HCL tech, Dr. Reddy’s, Indusindbk, TCS, Cairn, ACC.

Nifty top losers today:- Axis bank, Bank of baroda, Hindalco, Tata power, ONGC, Kotak bank, BPCL, Ranbaxy, Tata steel, PNB.

Best Stock for 31/12/13 Intraday Trading in NSE Equity

The S&P BSE Sensex began the last day of the calendar year 2013 on a positive note led by gains in pharma, auto and oil & gas sectors on the back of positive cues from global peers.

All the major sectoral indices, barring auto sector, were in the red with banks, capital goods, power and realty leading the decline.

At 11:11 a.m.; the 30-share index was at 21,188.68, up 45.67 points or 0.21 per cent. It touched a high of 21,230.88 and a low of 21,122.68 in trade today.

The Nifty was at 6,304.95, up 13.85 points or 0.22 per cent. It touched 3-week high of 6,317.30 and a low of 6,287.30 in trade today.

Shares in China are higher today as the Shanghai Composite gains 0.68%. The stock markets in Tokyo and Hong Kong are closed at this time.

Intraday hot free stock tips for today 31/12/13-

Sell- RCOM below 130.20 with TGT- 129.70/129.20/128.70 SL- 131.70
Sell- Reliance Infra Below 424.50 with TGT- 423/421.50/420.0 SL- 429.0
Buy- Infosys above 3500.0 with TGT- 3510/3515/3520.0 SL- 3580.0
Sell- Tata Motors below 377.0 with TGT- 376/375/373.0 SL- 381.0
Sel- Tata Steel below 425.50 with TGT 424.50/423.50/422.0 SL- 429.0

Nifty moving in a channel so trend will consolidate, today Best stock tips free for Nifty stock


Today Indian share market start with 0.50 per cent gain but market could not hold positive trend due to lose in rupee and flat trend in Asian share market. Know the market trend has been consolidate and both Nifty Sensex trading in fix price channel range.

Here Rupee 10 paisa at 61.95 vs USD.

At 11:00 a.m.; the 30-share index was at 21,200.27, up 7.31 points or 0.3 per cent. It touched a high of 21,304.70 and a low of 21,123.30 in trade today. 

The Nifty was at 6,307.70, down 6.40 points or 0.10 per cent. It touched 3-week high of 6,344.05 and a low of 6,287.70 in trade today. 

Today 30/12/13 Intraday Best Free Stock Tips Calls-

Tata Motors Sell below 376.0 with TGT- 375/374/373.0 SL- 379.0
Tata Steel Sell below 424.50 with TGT- 423/421.50/420.0 SL- 429.0
Reliance Industries Sell below 878.0 with TGT- 875/872/869.0 SL- 887.0
Reliance Infra Sell below 426.50 iwth TGT- 425/423.50/422.0 SL- 431.0

Indian Currency down 14% in 2013, Tomorrow nifty tips support resistance and stock calls

In 2013 Indian Rupee was second worst performing currency- The Indian rupee was the second worst performer among the currencies of emerging markets in 2013, falling almost 14% against the dollar.

The US Federal Reserve’s hint at tapering of bond purchases in May resulted in significant capital outflows from most Asian and BRIC countries,images leading to a sharp fall in their currencies. The fall was mainly in those economies running a current account deficit (CAD), which is excess of spending overseas than earnings, as Chinese yuan and South Korea won bucked the trend due to surplus.

Indian Share Market success to close above 0.50 per cent after consolidation movement in previous session. Nifty close above 6300 while Sensex near to 21,200 due to recovery in Rupee.

Nifty closed at 6313.80 up 34.90 or 0.56% and Sensex closed at 21193.58 up 118.99 or 0.56%.
Rupee gain 0.50% or 31 paisa against USD.

Tomorrow 30/12/13 Monday Nifty Support and Resistance-
Support is 6260.0 and Resistance is 6365.0

Free Stock Tips for tomorrow 30 December-
Sell- Reliance Infra below 427.0 with TGT- 425/423/420.0 or Buy above 432.0 with TGT- 434/436/438.0
SBI buy above 1780.0 iwth TGT- 1790/1800/1810.0 SL- 1750.0

Share market gain today, Nifty near to high with sideways trend best stock tips free for today

rupee-falls-on-oil-bids-short-coveringToday Indian Share market trading in positive note due to foreign institutional investors remained buyers across the board. According to analysts, the benchmarks are likely to remain rangebound with positive action. They expect the broader markets to outperform in the near term.

These time market trading near to days high since trend looking rangbound so we can see some decline in market, on Forex dollar recover early trading loses and Asian market also looking sideways so some decline also come in to domestic market.

At 10:40 am; The 30 Share Index was up 115.40 or 0.55% at 21189.99, it touch high of 21217.12 and low of 21113.25 in trade day.

The 50 share index Nifty was up 30.20 points or 0.48% at 6309.15, Nifty touch high of 6319.35 and low of 6289.40 in trade day.

Rupee was up 5 paisa at 62.11 as compare to last close of 62.16

Some Free Stock Tips for Sell in Intraday trading on 27/12/13-

Sell- Tata Steel below 425.50 with TGT- 424/423/422.0 SL- 429.0
Sell- Reliance Industries below 885.0 with TGT- 882/879/876.0 SL- 893.0
Sell- Tata Motors below 373.0 with TGT- 372/371/370.0 SL- 376.0
Sell- Tata Power below 90.0 with TGT- 89.50/89/88.50 SL- 91.50
Sell- Wipro below 554.0 with TGT- 552/550/548.0 SL- 560.0

Nifty trend bullish on global peers, today best Buy Sell Stock calls free

480x320The S&P BSE Sensex opened on a positive note taking cues from global peers. The up move was led by gains in capital goods, power and auto stocks. According to analysts, the market is likely to remain choppy in the near term in absence of global investors who are in holiday mood. 

At 09:18 a.m.; the 30-share index was at 21,063.27, up 30.56 points or 0.15 per cent. It touched a high of 21,087.09 and a low of 21,051 in trade today. 

The Nifty was at 6,276.65, up 8.25 points or 0.13 per cent. It touched a high of 6,281.45 and a low of 6,270.05 in trade today. 

26/12/13 Nifty Support and Resistance-
Nifty has strong Support of 6230.0 while Resistance of 6305.0

Today 26 December Free Stock Tips for Intraday trading-
Sell- Tata Motors below 374.0 with TGT- 373/372/371.0 SL- 377.0
Buy- SBI above 1770.0 with TGT- 1780/1785/1790.0 SL- 1790.0
Buy- RCOM above 132.0 with TGT- 132.50/133.0/133.50 SL- 130.50
Sell- RIL below 893.0 with TGT- 890/887/884.0 SL- 992.0

Indian Share Market trend weak after strong move in global market, Today 24/12/13 stock tips free

about-stock-market-10Today Indian Share market looking weak after better sign from global market in last session global market success to closed with led above 0.50 per cent and same move seen into Asian market but Indian stock market could not convert these rally and trading in very narrow range, after subdued start.

Nifty was open at 6296.45 from these opening Nifty took resistance of 6301 which is high of day and come down at day’s low of 6278.15, At: 10:55 am, Nifty was up 1.30 points at 6285.80 while Sensex was down 8.20 points at 21092.83.

Intraday Best Stock Free Tips for Today 24/12/13-
Sell- Bharti Airtel below 330.0 with TGT- 329/328/327.0 SL- 333.0
Sell- Infosys Below 3490.0 with TGT- 3480/3475/3470.0 SL- 3510.0
Sell- RCOM below 131.0 with TGT- 130.50/130/129.50 SL- 132.50
Sell- Tata Motors below 373.0 with TGT- 371.50/370/368.0 SL- 378.0

Market trend volatile, Intraday trader’s free stock tips calls for today 23/12/13

The Nifty began the week on a positive note led by gains in realty, capital goods and oil & gas taking cues from the Asian peers. According to analysts, the market is likely to remain rangebound in the near term with stock-specific action.

At 10:15 a.m.; the 50-share index was at 6,304.0, up 29.75 points or 0.47 per cent. It touched a high of 6,310.25 and a low of 6,266.95 in trade today.

The S&P BSE Sensex was at 21,175.17, up 95.35 points or 0.45 per cent. It touched a high of 21,207.89 and a low of 21,080.54 in trade today.

Today 23/12/13 Best Free Stock Tips for Intraday Trade in Nifty Stocks-
Wipro Sell below 550.0 with TGT- 548/546/544.0 SL- 556.0
Tata Steel Sell Below 425.0 with TGT- with TGT- 423/421.0 SL- 429.0
Reliance Infra buy above 433.0 with TGT- 435/437/439.0 SL- 427.0
Bharti Airtel Below 326.0 with TGT- 325/324/322.0 SL- 330.0

Indian share market started warp opening despite of weak global cues, 20 December stock tips

Despite of Negative trend by global market Indian Share market showing warm move today BSE Sensex open near 100 points led while Nifty opened above 30 points led by Bank Nifty, Energy and IT Stocks.

Asian Market Updates-
Asian markets are lower today with shares in China off the most. The Shanghai Composite is down 0.60% while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is off 0.45% and Japan’s Nikkei 225 is lower by 0.30%.

At 10:45 am, The S&P BSE Sensex was trading at 20,793.39, up 84.77 points or 0.41 per cent. It touched a high of 20,825.72 and a low of 20,745.94 in trade today. 

the 50-share index was at 6186.34, up 19.70 points or 0.32 per cent. It touched a high of 6,196.35 and a low of 6,170.35 in early trade today. 

20/12/13 Best Intraday Stock Tips Calls-

Wipro buy above 340.0 with TGT- 342/344/346.0 SL- 334.0
Bharti Airtel buy above 321.0 with TGT- 322/323/325.0 SL- 317.0
Buy- Tata Motors above 374.0 with TGT- 375/376/378.0 SL- 370.0
SBI Sell Below 1735.0 with TGT- 1725 SL- 1745.0
RCOM Sell below 131.0 with TGT- 130.50/130/129.50 SL- 132.50

FED cuts bond buying, Nifty Sensex weak today free stock tips

The US Federal Reserve announced plans to trim its aggressive bond-buying program on Wednesday but sought to temper the long-awaited move by suggesting its key interest rate would stay lower for even longer than previously promised.

In what amounts to the beginning of the end of its unprecedented support for the US economy, the central bank said it would reduce its monthly asset purchases by $10 billion to total $75 billion. It trimmed equally from mortgage and Treasury bonds.

Due to that Today Indian stock market lose its previous session led and NSE Nifty come under the support of 6200 led by Bank Nifty, Realty, Infra, Energy, PSE, PSU Bank all these index lose more than 1 per cent today.

At 10:40 a.m.; the 50-share index was at 6,170.80, down 46.40 points or 0.75 per cent. It touched a high of 6,263.75 and a low of 6,150.70 in early trade today. 

The S&P BSE Sensex was at 20,713.14, down 146.72 points or 0.70 per cent. It touched a high of 21,017.29 and a low of 20,646.03 in trade today. 

Today 19/12/13 Best Stock Free Tips For Intraday Trading-

Sell Bharti Airtel below 321.50 with TGT- 320/319/318.0 SL- 325.0 (10:20 am)
Reliance Industires Sell below 848.0 with TGT- 845/842/840.0 SL- 856.0
Reliance Infra Sell below 418.0 with TGT- 416/414/412.0 SL- 424.0 )10:33)
Wipro Buy above 526.50 with TGT- 528.0/530/532.0 SL- 521.0